Corey Crawford - Expert Real Estate Services

When you follow your passions, success often follows - and I've been lucky enough to follow my passions in Real Estate by purchasing "tear downs" and turning them into rentals, flips, or new construction property.  

I started my career in 2006 in foreclosure property management and after 4 years in that world, it made me fearless to start buying my own properties.  I provide my clients with first-hand knowledge in using owner-occupied loans to buy property and get into real estate, investor loans, and rehab loans.  

I love seeing the potential in a property and frequently fall in love with architecture, neighborhoods, and homes around Austin.  Buying real estate changed my life, and I want everyone to experience the joys of home ownership!  It sounds cliche - but it's true.  Let me help you find or sell your home - or you may find that I encourage you to keep your home, turn it into a rental, and buy another one! 

Corey Crawford