Details Of Cost Of Living And Job Opportunities In Austin, Texas

Real Estate Agent Travis County
Real Estate Agent Travis County

Austin is also called the Live Music Capital of the World and has a population of about one million people. As a fast-growing city in the country, more and more people move to Austin every day. The real estate market in Austin has something for everyone and as a real estate agent Travis County we have many years of experience dealing with real estate transactions in Travis County and other areas of Austin. Read along to know more about the most important things that you need to know about moving to Austin.

Cost Of Living In Austin

 The cost of living is one of the most important factors that you need to take into account while considering buying real estate for sale Travis County or any other part of the city. As per an index where the cost of living in an average city in the country is treated as 100, the cost of living in Austin is 119.3. this means that the residents of Austin city pay about 19.3 percent more for goods and services. But these costs are not borne equally across expenses. For instance, miscellaneous and utility charges like in Austin will be about the same as in the average US city. Moreover, healthcare costs are between three to six percent cheaper than in most major US cities.

Higher expenses may be noticed mainly in two areas, transportation and housing. Housing costs in Austin, including mortgages and rents, are about 59.6% more and transportation costs are about 9.9% more expensive.

Job Opportunities In Austin

Consistently, the city of Austin is named the best city for jobs by Forbes. The city of Austin has a very strong roster of large employers. Apple technology company is located in Austin and offers jobs to 7,000 people. There is also Dell Technologies which is another business firm in the city that manufactures computers and other equipment. Their community has about 13,000 employees, meanwhile, IBM has about 6,000 people working in the region.

The public service field in Austin is also filled with numerous job opportunities. As per the city of Austin’s government, there are about 13,800 people providing many civic services. Local colleges like the Austin Community College, The University of Texas at Austin, and St.Edward’s University offer staff faculty positions.